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in the throes of planet mommahood

on August 11, 2012

ImageOkay, so it looks like it’s been just a few months since I’ve posted anything on here. It is now mid-August, for crying out loud. Yikes. Better late than never.

Life has been in full swing as it usually is with 2 kiddos in tow. We recently had Abrielle evaluated via bloodtest for food intolerances/sensitivities, which revealed gluten, dairy and eggs needed to be eliminated from her diet for a while. This was super challenging at first for obvious reasons. However, thanks to a small handful of very helpful personal resources along with the world wide web, we’ve been going strong and following a pretty good diet. We just reintroduced eggs for the first time about a week and 1/2 ago. There was some excema flare-up so I’m hanging back on the eggs again.

Abrielle has been incredible through this whole process and willing to try new things. there’s really only been a couple of times where she communicated missing things like cheese and milk, and wheat bread, and we’ve had to skirt around a few things,but she’s totally blown my expectations and fears.

Even though we’ve been spending more money on gluten, dairy and egg free foods, we also haven’t been eating out at all (with the exception of treats that match the diet), and that always helps in the budget area of food. I don’t know about Sawyer because we didn’t get him tested yet-he has similar symptoms as Abrielle in the skin department, so for the most part I’ve had them on the same diet (that makes it easier, too). Our daughter is FINALLY willingly pooping on the potty-mostly in part to the promise of wrapped up poopy prizes from the Goodwill, but I think also in part due to the fact that her #2s with this diet are consistently making it easier for her to have success on the potty. And that’s all I’ll really say about that. 🙂

We’ve had quite a summer-done a few things on thh bucket list:

Bainbridge Island ferry ride with visit to kids museum-also did a ferry ride to Kingston and played on the beach in Edmonds

Vacation Bible school at church

eating berries and veggies from the backyard

hitting up wading pools & spray parks in the local vicinity

making homemade (coconut milk) ice cream

lots of trips to the zoo

hosting 3 students from China & Japan for 4 weeks

camping at Lake Kachess and looking forward to family camp at Fort Casey in a couple of weeks

Seeing the Blue Angels practice their air show

celebrating Abrielle’s 4th birthday complete with a Bambi cake and explosive playdoh volcanoes

making a trip to Birch Bay and seeing my bff Lisa and her family which is always a rarity

hitting up new parks like O.O. Denny, a few playdates, birthday parties and a concert @ Richmond beach featuring our favorite Caspar Babypants.

Sawyer is now almost 2 yrs old. He is always on the move, now loves to read books, and just got his first haircut from daddy. He is really into trains and jets. Abrielle of course is, as always, very creative and has a wild imagination-still loves princesses and says she is going to marry Sawyer-after all he is her Prince Charming. 🙂

As for me, I developed a nasty case of Carpal Tunnel but thankfully after backing off a few activities and wearing wrist guards at night, I’m doing much better. Been slowly shleffing off the Sawyer sack with running at the gym and doing Hot Yoga (so addictive) 2-3x week. Weight lifting has not been completely banned but I do have to be more cautious.

While I know I should be just focused on living in the moment, I can’t help but confess that I’m looking forward to autumn. We have a family vacation planned for Allen’s birthday in October in Westport, Abrielle starts preschool again with a brand new teacher, I get to start CBS (community Bible Study) and things get back into a more steady routine. We’ll have 2 new students, 1 from Hong Kong and the other from Japan. They arrive mid-September. It’s always challenging at first but I’ve gotten used to that as part of our lives. We’ve hosted 13 students since I was pregnant with Sawyer, and Akane and Athena will make 15. that is a lot of people in and out of this house. I love when we hear from our students about the impact our family and home have made upon them-it’s sooooooo incredibly encouraging to hear that we’ve made someone’s experience abroad a good one filled with positive memories.

I’ve gotta jet for some Hot Yoga-ooh la la sweat city here I come, but I will post more pics soon!


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